• Corporate headshot – Amanda Hachey
  • Corporate headshot – Amanda Hachey

Corporate Headshot with Amanda Hachey

This is my first time shooting a corporate headshot for a client. Before this, I’ve only shot actor’s headshots but I found the creative process very similar. This is from a shoot I did with Amanda.

For this shoot, we had chatted beforehand and because of the co-operative nature with the work she does, I wanted to achieve a professional feel while keeping it casual. She’s also a very upbeat and friendly person (we laughed a lot while shooting) so I wanted to capture that part of her personality that was inviting and cheerful.

We shot in and around downtown Fredericton. The weather was great that day so I decided to shoot using only available light with reflectors. The exterior shot was on a bench next to Officer’s Square. The interiors were shot inside the Fredericton Convention Centre. THANK YOU to the staff there for letting us shoot inside, they were so friendly and accommodating!

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Corporate Headshot with Amanda Hachey

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